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Check out our top picks for Father's Day! Find the perfect gift to show your appreciation to the main man in your life - we break down some of our favourites that are sure to hit the mark!
We are proud to announce that Tommy Gun's has won a spot on the list of Top 18 Barbershops in Calgary! Check out what sets us apart and makes the Tommy Gun's experience unique.
Notice some new women's brands at Tommy Gun's? Check out why we are expanding our product offerings with options for everyone no matter their hair type of care/styling needs - read it here!
Introducing the latest brand to arrive at Tommy Gun's - Educated Beards! Discover what sets them apart and which products you need to try from their extensive collection of natural products!
Wanting to be more environmentally friendly? We have some simple swaps for your grooming routine that will get you headed in the right direction, Earth Month is the perfect time to make the switch.
Not sure how to choose the American Crew styling puck that is right for you? We are here to break down which styling puck to choose based on the look you're after!
We break down the reasons why you should be using a beard conditioner and what it can do for you - no matter what length of beard you have, its the perfect addition to your grooming routine, let us tell you why.
Ever wonder what the difference is between shave cream, shave gel and shave foam? We are here to break down what to look for and how to elevate your shave with a simple switch!
A sneak peek into the hype of the #ultimatebarbershopexperience at Tommy Gun's Barbershop and why our guests love to stop by over and over again.
At Tommy Gun’s we offer a ton of variety when it comes to styling pucks. Here is a quick guide to help you pick the best brand and product type for all your styling needs.