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All Tommy Gun's Shaves Include:

  • Straight Razor Shave

  • Hot Towel Experience

  • Free Cold Drink

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Original Beard


Time for an overhaul with a beard trim, front of neck shave and cheek clean up. Step into a space where beards are not just grown but curated, where each stroke of the comb and touch of the blade unveils a look that's uniquely yours. Includes a beard trim, straight razor front of neck shave and cheek clean up


The gentle lathering of rich shaving cream, the soothing warmth of hot towels, and the meticulous glide of the straight razor create an ambiance that transcends the everyday routine. Includes a straight razor neck shave with hot towels and cold compress. A full-face shave that leaves the skin fresh and clean

Head Shave

No hair on head left behind. The smooth perfection of a freshly shaven head is more than a shave; it's a declaration of authenticity and the state of being unapologetically you.

Beard Trim

From the impeccable lines of a sharp beard outline to the artful blending that enhances your facial structure, our beard trim exudes rugged charm and cultivated elegance. Includes a beard trim, cheek clean up and front of neck trim using only clippers/trimmers/scissors
Front Of

Neck Shave

Sink into our plush, vintage chairs and enjoy our hot towel experience with an atmosphere of elegance as our skilled barbers create a well-defined and polished neckline. Straight razor shave on just on the front of neck area

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