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Badger Brush

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The Product

The Badger Shaving Brush is an essential key to achieving The Perfect Shave®. It generates a rich warm lather by retaining warm water to help soften the beard hair. Using a shaving brush to apply your shaving cream helps lift beard hair for a clean, close shave. A shaving brush also lightly exfoliates skin to help release trapped hairs.

  • Pure Badger Hair (machine cut and hand-assembled)
  • Black acrylic handle with The Art of Shaving brand logo
  • Handle pairs well with most of The Art of Shaving razors. Will also fit in most razor stands* sold by The Art of Shaving
Who is it for?
  • Anyone Who Shaves
What does it do?
  • Generates a rich and warm lather by retaining warm water to help soften beard hair.
  • Application helps lifts the beard hair for a close shave.
  • Lightly exfoliates skin to help release trapped hairs.
How Do You Use It?
  • Wet the shaving brush with hot water then add shaving cream to the center of the brush.
  • Add a little more warm water, then apply to the face in a circular motion. 
  • Shave and rinse thoroughly.
  • Flick your brush and store it upside down. Do not twist or pull the brush hairs. 
The Brand

In 1996, The Art of Shaving created the ultimate male grooming experience. Their mission to revolutionize male grooming began with a single shop in New York, by crafting quality products with essential oils and botanical ingredients, we created a solution to everyday shaving problems. They crafted a complete shaving ritual, formulating each element to provide a close and comfortable shave while promoting healthy-looking skin. They're on a mission to shave the world and bring better grooming to men everywhere.