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Cellulose Acetate Comb Brush

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The Product

Educated Beards Cellulose Acetate Comb Brush is for those wanting to shape their beard. This luxury comb is designed with buffed and polished teeth to allow for effortless styling, detangling and shaping. 

  • Durable material and portable size
  • Anti-static 
Who Is It For?
  • Those wanting to shape and groom their beard
  • Ideal for longer beards 
What Does It Do?
  • Smooths and detangles 
  • Shapes and styles the beard  
How Do You Use It?
  • Glide the comb through the beard hair following product application for final shaping 
  • Use anytime to detangle and reshape 
    The Brand

    Educated Beards is your premier destination for luxury, holistic beard care and grooming essentials. Using premium, organic ingredients, Educated Beards has a versatile line of products that are safe and effective with no harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients. Founded with intention. Transition inspired growth. Growth created need. Necessity sprouted a seed... and Educated Beards was established.