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No.9 Aftershave

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The Product

Layrite No.9 Aftershave is for those wanting to cleanse and refresh their skin after shaving. This alcohol-based formula disinfects the skin, closes the pores and helps to prevent both acne and razor-bumps while cooling, invigorating and soothing the skin with a classic Bay Rum scent. 

  • Alcohol-based
  • Prevents acne
  • Bay Rum scent
Who Is It For?
  • Anyone with a shaving regimen
  • Those with skin irritation or acne
  • People with dry skin
What Does It Do?
  • Cleanses, refreshes and softens skin
  • Stimulates, tones and tightens pores
  • Calms skin and prevents razor burn
      How Do You Use It?
      • Thoroughly rinse your face with cold water after shaving
      • Leave your face wet and pour a splash (about a teaspoon) of No. 9 in your hand
      • Quickly rub hands together for 1-2 seconds and then leave hands open for about 4-5 seconds
      • In a downward motion, gently stroke No. 9 from hands onto face and neck
        The Brand

        Layrite Men's Grooming Products have been setting the benchmark of traditional barbering and men's grooming ever since 1999. Often imitated but never replicated, their products have become the staple brand used by barbers seeking quality and authenticity the world over.

        The Ingredient List