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5 Reasons to Visit Our Barbershops in Edmonton!

Have you been rocking the same hairstyle over the past 2 years? Many of us have been working from home, not participating in our regular activities, or dressing up for those special events. As we approach the Holiday season, events and working from the office are becoming more of the norm, and it may be time for a change. Here we list the top 5 reasons you should visit the nearest Tommy Gun’s Barbershop in Edmonton…and soon.

It’s a First Class Experience

When you visit a Tommy Gun's Barbershop, you’ll experience a First Class service. Everything we do is centered around our Guests. From the minute you enter the Barbershop to the time you leave, our team members provide a 5 Star Service. This includes ensuring you are signed in for the service you want, discussing your style preferences with your Barber, choosing what to watch on our in-mirror station TVs, the haircut experience, a full wash, 2 minute scalp massage, an extra rinse, our signature hot towel finish and style, and ensuring you leave happy with a beverage in your hand and the products you need to keep up your new style at home.


Expert Barbers

Our Barbershops hand pick team members who have training, education and experience in men's grooming. In addition to their skills that they bring from formal education, our ongoing specialized Barber training program helps our Edmonton Barbers stay current with trends, tips and tricks specifically tailored to the Tommy Gun’s Guest. This includes the latest haircuts, shave techniques, and beard and moustache grooming. You can be confident going into our Barbershops in Edmonton that you will get the style you’ve been wanting.



The Local Barbershop Environment is One of a Kind

Our environment combines the old school barbershop character with modern technology including comfort and convenience for all Guests. Our Edmonton Barbershops pride themselves on being the friendly and familiar face you look forward to seeing. By visiting our shops, you become part of the family. Whether you are sitting at our iPad bars, watching the game on our big screen TV wall, or are in the barber chair, you can chat and get to know the owners, the Guest Service team members and Barbers, as they get to know you.

Barbershops Provide High End Grooming Products

Our Edmonton Barbershops carry the very best products specifically made for men's grooming. You’ll find everything you need to complete your daily and weekly routine, including shampoos and conditioners designed to help get out that stubborn product and deep clean your scalp; shave creams, foams, gels and pre and post shave products to give you that smooth shave; beard and moustache washes, oils and waxes to help keep you looking tidy; Face & Body care and all the tools and accessories you need to keep that fresh look. Our Edmonton Barbers and Guest Service team members can recommend the perfect product to keep your style looking like you just walked out of the Barbershop and answer any questions you have when looking for the perfect pomade, beard oil, moustache wax or clippers for those touch ups in between your Tommy Gun’s visits.


High Quality Products at Tommy Guns!

Support Local

Tommy Gun’s is 100% Canadian and like all of our Shops within Canada, the Shops in the Edmonton area are locally owned and operated. By visiting a Barbershop, you are supporting your local community members and their families. As a local business, we understand the responsibility we have to contribute to our communities. We are deeply grateful for the support we receive from the communities and are committed to giving back by supporting local events, sports teams, school initiatives and charity fundraisers. 

It's time to see what all of the hype is about and stop by your local Shop!