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Braun has been producing foil razors for nearly 70 years, since then they have consistently produced the highest calibre of electric razors and foil shavers on the market. Braun is leading the way into the future - with products designed to improve the lives of consumers: "Designed to make a difference".

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Ask a barber: Everything you need to know about Braun

We offer a great selection of Braun products like electric shavers, foil shavers and trimmers. Here are some of the questions our barbers often get asked about Braun.


Should I use an electric shaver or a razor?

Because Braun electric shavers can be used in the shower, they offer a faster and safer shave with less irritation and chance for injury. In the end it's a matter of preference. Some guys like the close shave from the razer, some like the convenience of electric.

Is my Braun shaver waterproof?

Most Braun electric shavers, for example Series 7, 8 and 9 are 100% waterproof. If you see a shower or bath symbol, it means that your device can be safely cleaned with water and used while taking a shower or a bath.

How should I clean my Braun shaver?

Almost every Braun shaver can be rinsed quickly and easily under running hot water. The cleaning effect can be improved by using a bit of standard liquid soap. And another tip: to give your shaver optimal care, you should put a drop of oil on the cutter block once in a while.

How do electric shavers work?

An electric razor has two parts to cut hair: a thin, perforated metal foil, and the undercutter, a set of tiny blades that move back and forth very quickly under the foil.

Can electric shavers go in checked luggage / hand luggage?

Electric razors are usually permitted in both checked and carry-on bags.

Can a Braun shaver battery be replaced?

To replace the batteries, the device must be taken apart by a trained person and should not be attempted by a consumer. In addition, you may compromise the water-tightness of the device if you try to change the battery yourself.

Are Braun shaver heads interchangeable?

The Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver Replacement Head 92S is compatible with all Series 9 Electric Razors 9290cc, 9291cc, 9370cc, 9293s, 9385cc, 9390cc, 9330s, 9296cc

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