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Celebrating 35 Years of AG Care: A Journey of Innovation and Sustainability

This year marks a significant milestone for AG Care as they celebrate 35 years at the forefront of plant-based, cruelty-free hair care. Their journey, which began in 1989, has been one of continuous innovation, dedication to quality, and a commitment to sustainability. Join us as we reflect on their history and highlight some of their standout products that embody their values and vision.

1989: The Beginning of a Vision

In 1989, inspired by a desire for clean, salon-quality hair care, John and Lotte Davis set out to create their own products. From their home in Vancouver, BC, they co-founded AG Care with a mission to deliver high-performance hair care solutions made from natural ingredients. Their dedication to quality and integrity laid the foundation for what AG Care has become today.

1995: Pioneering Refill Stations

Ahead of the curve in sustainability, AG Care introduced refill stations for their shampoos and conditioners in 1995. This initiative not only reduced plastic waste but also encouraged a more eco-friendly approach to hair care among their customers. This early commitment to sustainability has only grown stronger over the years.

2017: Embracing Plant-Based Ingredients

In 2017, AG Care launched their Plant-Based Essentials collection, featuring products with up to 98% plant-based and naturally derived ingredients. This collection embodies their commitment to clean beauty, offering effective hair care solutions without compromising on the quality or integrity of the ingredients.

2018: Expanding with Sustainability in Mind

To accommodate their growing operations and reinforce their commitment to sustainability, AG Care moved into a new energy-efficient, 70,000 sq ft building in 2018. This state-of-the-art facility in North America underscores their dedication to reducing their environmental footprint while continuing to produce top-quality products.

2022: Achieving 100% Vegan Formulations

By 2022, AG Care achieved a significant milestone by becoming 100% vegan. They also introduced refill pouches, recyclable PCR (post-consumer recycled) and aluminum packaging, further enhancing their sustainability efforts. These advancements reflect their ongoing commitment to creating environmentally responsible products without compromising on performance.

2023: Innovating with Refill Pouches

In 2023, AG Care launched their first styler refill pouch with the Re:Coil Curl Activator. This product not only supports their sustainability goals but also delivers exceptional results for those with curly hair. The Re:Coil Curl Activator is designed to enhance and define curls, providing long-lasting hold and hydration.

Reflecting on Their Journey

As AG Care celebrates 35 years of innovation and growth, they are incredibly proud of their journey. From their humble beginnings in Vancouver to becoming a leader in plant-based, cruelty-free hair care, their commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical practices has never wavered. They continue to formulate their products with care, ensuring they are clean and bottled at the source right here in Canada.

Highlighting Their Signature Products

Here are some of AG Care's standout products that showcase their commitment to clean, sustainable hair care:

As we look to the future, AG Care remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what clean, sustainable hair care can achieve. Thank you for being part of their journey and for supporting AG Care's mission to provide high-quality, eco-friendly hair care solutions.

Here's to the next 35 years of innovation and sustainability!

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