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Why You Should Use Beard Shampoo vs. Regular Shampoo

We all know some of you are reaching for that hair shampoo to cleanse your beard. We aren’t judging… no, actually we are. But that’s okay because at Tommy Gun’s, we are here to help you level up your beard game!

The skin and hair on your face and head are different - this is why you should not be using regular shampoo on your beard. For starters, the skin on your face is more sensitive than the skin on your scalp. If used on your beard, regular shampoo can dry-out the skin underneath. Everyday shampoos and soaps can strip your skin of its natural oils - this can cause skin and hair damage. It can also make that dreaded beard itch worse than ever before.

Beards and the skin underneath require more moisture than your hair and scalp. Facial hair has a different texture - it is coarser and thicker, and it tends to dry out more quickly. This is especially true the longer your beard gets. Unfortunately, regular shampoo dries out your skin and strips your beard of natural oils. However, that’s why specialized shampoos exist, specifically formulated for beards. We at Tommy Gun’s carry a large selection of beard washes to suit everyone with a range of formulas and scents available so you can choose something that works best for you. So do yourself a favour and steer clear from your generic hair shampoo when freshening up your beard - check out our selection of beard shampoo’s here. Read on to find out more about how to make the most of your beard shampoo and how to add it to your regular routine!

Tommy Gun's Beard Shampoo's

Who is it for?

Not just the guy above (although that could be you #beardgoals), beard shampoo is for anyone with a beard longer than half an inch, especially those with wiry, unruly beards or those with beard dandruff or itch. If you suffer from dry, irritated skin, adding a beard shampoo to your routine is key.

What does it do?

A beard shampoo cleanses without stripping away your natural oils. It aids in the prevention of flakes, beard dandruff and helps to deodorize that left over chili you had at lunch. Beard shampoos are formulated with ingredients that help hydrate and freshen the skin and hair, while helping to soothe any irritation or itchiness underneath the beard.

How do you use it?

Step 1 | Wet your beard with lukewarm water.

Step 2 | Start with a small amount of beard shampoo and massage it into your beard - using your fingertips to dig into the beard and get shampoo down to the skin.

Step 3 | Let it sit for 2-3 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Run your fingers through your beard to ensure all product is removed.

Step 4 | Follow with a beard conditioner for the best results.

By following these steps, you are well on your way to a clean, fresh and comfortable beard. If you have a longer beard you only need to shampoo once or twice a week, but it’s your call and depends on the circumstances. If you entered that hot dog eating contest the other day or hit that taekwondo class at lunch, definitely wash that beard!

A beard shampoo is the first step that kicks off your grooming routine so don’t make that rookie mistake and reach for your hair shampoo. Go and visit your local Tommy Gun’s for assistance in proper beard care and for help selecting a beard shampoo that’s right for you.