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Our #1 Asked Question

At Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershop, one of the very first questions we get asked by potential franchisee is “do we need to be a licensed Barber or have industry experience to own a Tommy Gun’s?”. The simple answer is - NO. Our Business Owners (franchisees) come to us from a wide range of backgrounds and industries. In fact, those individuals that do not come with Industry experience are forced to work ON the business not IN this business. Although you can’t cut hair, you can greet your Guests as they walk in the door, ensure you team has the tools and knowledge to be successful in their role, then thank the Guest as they exit the shop for supporting you. By working ON the business, you can inspire and lead the teams inside your barbershop as well as allowing you time to engage and become a part of the local community that is going to support you. Business Owners that embrace the local community, the barber community and the community within their Barbershop generate the best results.


Our 50+ years of industry experience makes us the experts in this $65 Billion sector which removes the need for you to be the expert in this field, as we carry that role. Our Leadership group at the Support Office (not a Head Office) is here to support you in your journey to understanding our business model so you can easily replicate it in your shop. We have simplified our entire process allowing us to focus on one thing: EVERY GUEST, EVERY TIME! This is our blueprint to ensure consistently outstanding service with the 12-step process that our team follows to ensure Guest satisfaction - this remains our ultimate priority. The Service does not begin when you sit in the chair, it starts the second a Guest enters the shop, and continues until they walk out the door. If you follow the process, the Guest will leave with the confidence they need to go about their daily lives. This is the Tommy Gun’s experience; we sell confidence!



We look for leadership experience so you can lead & inspire your teams personally and professionally as they apply their trade in our shops. We are the experts in Barbering, thus recognize that you initially will not be able to train and develop your team. With this understanding, our national education team will be here to assist you with this process. You must have a solid awareness of the importance of operational excellence within the brand. Our Guests choose our Barbershops as we consistently deliver the ultimate Barbershop experience – they know what to expect when they walk in the door, no matter which location they visit.  We couple that will all the tools and training you need to succeed in every facet of the business. What we are doing must be working, as over 80% of our Barbershops are owned by multi-unit operators!



We are proud to be #1 brand in the grooming sector, a brand that provides a fun and exciting environment while making a difference in people’s lives coast to coast. If you have not been to one of our Barbershops, I urge you to come experience what we are all about, If there is not a Tommy Gun’s in your area we recommend you visit our website ( to get a sense of this amazing brand. Visualize opening one in your area so that other like-minded individuals can get the ultimate Barbershop experience at Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershop.



Picking the right franchisor to partner with is not an easy decision. Franchise ownership is the most reliable way for entrepreneurs to start their own business and scale as the business grows under a proven business model. We are very careful in awarding franchises to the candidates that are aligned with our vision on how a Barbershop needs to run to make a positive impact in their community.

If you want to join the Tommy Gun’s family, please visit our franchise information page online here, or feel free to send an email ( to learn more and we will see if we are the right fit for one another!