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Who determines the Tommy Gun’s locations?

In franchising it is all about location, location, location - and that is why we spend an enormous amount of time searching the country to find the right real estate for a Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershop. We have over 50+ years of sector experience in hair care and real estate. The first question we ask ourselves when selecting a location is “would we invest in this location with our own money? Can the franchisee make money?”. If the answer is yes, then we can start the process.

At Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershop, we determine the best locations for your Barbershop to achieve optimal visibility to ensure each shop we open can reach its maximum potential. Extensive research is completed by our internal Franchise and Leasing departments at Tommy Gun’s, plus we partner with National Commercial Real Estate broker firms that are familiar with the nuances and performance of each of the local markets that we want to open in. Since finding Real Estate isn’t a perfect science, our brokers also leverage industry leading tools and analytics to measure area populations, unique demographics, and trade area maps to remove the guesswork so that we can fully understand each market and find the correct location.

 We factor in a myriad of items when selecting the right location for a Tommy Guns. Available parking, visibility, tenant mix, hours of operation, daytime, and weekend traffic, etc. While the list goes on and on, we spend the time and energy to check off every box before when considering moving forward with a site.

Our typical footprints for Power Centre or Strip mall locations are 1,000 to 1,500 sq. feet and for Enclosed Malls are from 800 to 1,400 sq. feet. This ensures that we can offer our Guests the true Tommy Gun’s experience., We want to promote the Ultimate Barbershop Experience for every guest, and to do so we need the space for proper seating, ample retail space - so we can educate, recommended, and prescribe the right products for our Guests, and enough room for the Barbers to perform the service experience.

To stand out, our storefront includes the globally recognized spinning barber pole to draw walk-by Guests into our Barbershop, for either an amazing service, or to purchase one of our thousands of retail products.

Landlords love our concept which improves our negotiating power, thus making it easier for our franchisees to be successful. We are one of the few concepts that have a very strong male draw as well as having a consistent traffic pattern throughout the week, not just weekends. With our unique walk-in, no reservation model, we increase the dwell time for their shopping centers as guests in the queue can shop while waiting to be called or messaged in for a service.

The Tommy Gun’s founder, as well as the Managing Partners, have always had the vision that it is not a matter of opening Barbershops doors (new locations) but instead opening the best locations to ensure our franchise owners are profitable & healthy financially. We take our time and pick the right location, the right franchisee, and at the right rent for you – like how you should take your time selecting the right franchisor. With our winning track record, we are confident we will do just that.

If you want to join the Tommy Gun’s family, please visit our franchise information page online here, or feel free to send an email ( to learn more and we will see if we are the right fit for one another!