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How to Choose a Clipper: 5 Things to Consider

Looking to buy yourself some clippers to maintain your hair at home? Tommy Gun’s carries a wide selection of brands with many options - So where does one start? While you can always ask one of our expert barbers for some recommendations, we are here with 5 things to consider before making your choice.

Quality Clippers are Reliable Clippers

Good clippers are often an investment but they will last for years to come so trust us – its worth it. With top brands like Wahl, Dannyco and Andis, you can trust that Tommy Gun’s only brings in brands that will perform well and get the job done. However, you can still decide on the level of investment you’re after – from robust clippers that our own barbers use day-in and day-out, to those that are travel-friendly and easy-to-use on the go, you can shop with confidence knowing that we have done the hard work for you and offer options for every price point. In all cases, we recommend checking out the warranty and features to make sure you are picking a clipper suited for your needs. Its also a good idea to check out the availability of replacement blades in case you damage yours through over-use or accidental dings/drops.

Corded or Cordless Clippers

Consider where and what you will be using your clipper for – are you looking for easy on-the-go touchups? Might want to consider a cordless model. While powerful and effective, cordless clippers are perfect for quick cuts and touch-ups but are generally limited by the battery lifetime so aren’t ideal for long-term single-use sessions. Want to cut all your kids hair in one go? Might want to look at a corded clipper which often lasts longer and delivers more power with each use. However they can be more inconvenient as you need access to a plug in order to get to work!

Your Clippers Need a Good Motor & Blades

The size and power of a hair clipper’s motor are generally what differentiates top-of-the-range models from poor imitations. Look for a decent blade in your clipper and a good, powerful motor that will ensure the hair is cut smoothly and cleanly without grab or pull - cheaper motors will burn out quicker and provide less power to the blades.

There are two types of motors:

  • Rotary motors - the most powerful and commonly found in cordless clippers.
  • Electromagnetic motors - much faster and are ideally found in corded models.

When choosing a clipper look for blades that are strong and sharp, this will ensure high performance while prolonging the lifetime of your clippers.

Clipper Accessories

Most clippers will come with Guides - plastic clip-on guards that distance the blades from the hair to cut it to a precise length for an easy and even cut. Some clippers include all the indispensable accessories you might need - a comb, brush, scissors, smaller trimmer attachments, and extra blades – to make your cut easier and less stressful. Consider what accessories you might need based on your styling preferences and if your clippers don’t come with these accessories, you can purchase them individually at Tommy Gun’s online shop.

Repairs & Maintenance

Finally, check the brand warranty! Research if the clipper has replacement parts that are readily accessible to you. While most clippers will come with a small bottle of clipper oil to keep your blades running smoothly, you may need to purchase extra tools and care products to keep them working their best for years and years. Educate yourself on how to properly care, maintain and clean the blades – this will help with hair build up which can affect the effectiveness of how your blade cuts. This will also prevent you from replacing your clipper, and from breaking the bank.

Find the Best Clippers for you at Tommy Gun’s

Tommy Gun’s has a large selection of male grooming tools and products. Visit one of our shops and speak to a highly educated team member for advice when choosing your new clipper or contact us for personalized recommendations, we are always here to help out!