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What Are Styling Pucks?

Styling Pucks are products that are used to style your hair and provide a great alternative to gel or hairspray. They get their name ‘puck’ from the packaging and size as it looks and feels similar to a hockey puck. There are many different types of pucks so its helpful to know which product and brand is best suited for your hair type depending on how you want to style it and the look you're after. It can often be overwhelming trying to pick the best fit for you - but don't worry, we are here to help!

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At Tommy Gun’s we offer a ton of variety when it comes to styling pucks. Below we will provide some helpful tips for you to pick the best puck.

A Guide to the Best Puck:

There are 4 main types of products that you can find in a styling puck; pomade, cream, clay and paste. Lets dive into what makes each one unique. 


Pomades are the perfect alternative to hairsprays or gels. They last much longer, create a shinier, darker, firmer look and hold and are perfect to control thicker hair. 

Not only can pomades be used to create those classic hairstyles such as pompadours or slick backs, but they can also be used for grooming facial hair.

If you’re looking for something that lasts and can be reworked throughout the day, a pomade is a great choice. Pomades are best suited for those after a medium to high hold with medium to high shine. However certain brands carry different levels of hold and shine so that you can pick the best for your look. 

Suavecito Pomade


Hair cream is a little more straight forward - it is simply a cream for your hair! If your hair needs to be tamed and softened, hair creams are the best product for you. For longer and curly hair, creams are perfect to get out all those tangles and prevent flyaways.

Creams are meant to reduce frizz and create a sleek look. They offer a lower level of hold, but are perfect for creating that casual style that with medium to low shine. If you're after a natural, easy look with minimal work and effort, hair creams are a great choice.


Clay? No, not actual clay, but a clay for your hair! Clay hair products are ideal for fine, coarse or straight hair. Not only are clay products used for styling, but they can also help repair damaged hair and prevent dryness to the scalp. They are especially helpful to promote hair growth thanks to the combo of hair care and styling. 

This laid back product can be reworked throughout the day and gives you a thicker and fuller look without a sleek shine.


Hair Paste is the answer for those looking for extra volume and a matte finish. Paste is thicker than traditional pomades and provides added texture and a strong hold. This is the product you will want to use to achieve a more structured style, especially when you need a strong, long-lasting hold.

To ensure you maintain a natural look with hair paste, its best to rub a small amount between your hands to warm up the product before applying to your hair. Nobody wants to be walking around with chunks of product in their hair - and it's a super easy fix if you know this little trick.

Most styling pastes have a matte finish compared to a shine. If you aren’t working towards a specific style but want to smooth flyway's and tame unruly ends, hair paste is a great option.

Reuzel Styling Puck

What Is The Difference Between Styling Paste, Styling Cream, Hair Gel, Wax, Pomade and Hair Clay?

There are literally thousands of hair styling products out there… which makes it tough and overwhelming to find the perfect product for YOUR hair!

When it comes to choosing between styling paste, styling cream, gel, wax, pomade, clay and other products, the key is considering your hair type and desired style. Here’s our comparison guide for picking the best product for your #hairgoals:

Styling Paste vs. Styling Cream

Both styling paste and styling cream create definition, control frizz and tame unruly hair. The difference is that styling paste has a super-thick, pasty consistency, while styling cream feels more like a hair lotion.

If you want sleek, ultra-glossy hair with soft hold, a light styling cream such as AIIR Smoothing Cream is a great choice! For stronger hold and more piece-y, separated texture, go for a pliable styling paste.

Styling Paste vs. Hair Gel

Hair gel is one of the most popular styling products, especially for people with shorter hair. It typically creates stiff, shiny hair with little movement. Unfortunately, the alcohol and holding agents that “lock” a style into place can also dry out and damage your hair! It’s important to wash your hair thoroughly after styling with gel to prevent build up and keep your hair healthy. 

Gel is great for performances or special occasions when you need that super-strong hold. For everyday use, it’s better to grab a flexible styling paste that allows you to touch, brush through and re-style your hair whenever you want.

Styling Paste vs. Pomade

Pomade creates dramatic texture and is a favorite for styling short hair. Make sure to choose a water-based pomade - greasy, oil-based products are best suited for those who want a super long-lasting style that stands up against the weather, the gym and a grueling work day as they are much harder to wash out. Styling paste is preferred for braiding and upstyling because it provides pliable movement and a stronger hold.

Styling Paste vs. Hair Clay

Both styling paste and hair clay give the hair some structure and definition for better, easier styling. Hair clay contains a powdered clay ingredient that adds thickness and volume to the hair. It generally creates a matte finish with medium to firm hold. By contrast, styling paste creates subtle texture, body and shine while helping your hairstyle stay in place. Hair clay is a good choice for highly structured hairstyles, while styling paste is more malleable and allows you to brush out and re-style your hair as desired.

Satisfy Your Styling Needs with Styling Pucks

Tommy Gun’s carries many different types of Styling Pucks from various brands. Pucks are perfect for travelling thanks to the size and tin which ensure no damage to the product or leaks. With all of the above information you now have, you can pick the perfect product for your hair type and styling needs. But don’t forget, you can always ask our knowledgeable barbers in Shop for help to find the best suited puck for you!