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How To Pick Your Perfect Styling Puck with American Crew

Everyone has a different style and we at Tommy Gun’s want to help you create that style with the perfect products. For the month of April, all American Crew styling pucks are 20% Off - it’s the perfect time to re-stock on your favourite styler, or to test out a new look with something different. Not sure where to start? We are here to break down which puck is right for your look and what makes each one different vs. the rest. Let’s get into it.

Classic Fiber

Want texture and fullness? This one is for you. With a matte finish and 4/5 hold level, this puck is perfect for creating a natural yet styled look. It adds texture and fullness which is great for those with shorter hair between 1-3 inches in length.

Classic Defining Paste

Similar to the Classic Fiber puck, the Classic Defining Paste will give you added texture and fullness. The main difference is the consistency – this one has more of a wax-like formula and is very easy to distribute throughout your hair. This makes it easy to use on longer hair styles over 3”, while also being suitable for shorter hair. With a low shine finish and 3/5 hold factor, it will give you a natural look.

Classic Forming Cream

Want a natural look but a bit of shine? Try the Classic Forming Cream, with a medium shine finish and 3/5 hold factor, it is great for creating an effortless look with added thickness and a natural finish. This puck is ideal for those new to the styling game, its hard to mess it up - just give it a go and see what you can create!

Classic Pomade

Want a classic look? Pomade is the quintessential styler for most guys, a classic for a reason. Ideal for creating modern looks like pompadours or slickbacks, this pomade will give you a high shine finish with 3/5 medium hold. Unlike traditional pomades that were oil-based, this pomade is water-based so easy to wash out at the end of the day with a regular shampoo.

Classic Cream Pomade

Unlike the classic pomade, this Cream Pomade gives a more natural look with lower shine and a 2/5 light hold. If you don’t want those traditional styles with shine, but are after more toned-down look, this one is for you! It works wonders in curly hair to tame frizz and add a light hold while giving a natural finish that won’t ever look overdone.

Classic Heavy Hold Pomade

This is the top level of pomade offered by American Crew – it’s the pomade of pomades and it means business. If you are looking for long-lasting, sleek and smooth styles, this one is for you. With a high shine finish and 5/5 hold level, there isn’t anything that will give a stronger hold than this one! If you have super unruly hair and want it locked into place, give this one a go. It’s also water-based so easy to wash out.

Classic Matte Clay

One of the more common looks these days is the subtle style – this Matte Clay is perfect for creating that “I didn’t really try” look as it has a matte finish and a 3/5 hold level so is not super rigid. Ideal for short to medium hair, this matte clay will increase manageability and will help you tame your locks without locking them into place.

Classic Grooming Cream

Have naturally wavy or curl hair? This one is for you. It helps create a sleek, straight look and will soften your natural curls making them easier to style. With a high shine finish and 4/5 hold factor, it will work wonders for holding your hair in place no matter how stubborn those locks can be.

If you still aren’t sure which puck is right for you – reach out to our team online or in-shop for some personalized recommendations! Also don’t forget, all American Crew pucks are on sale for 20% off this month only, so don’t sleep on this deal – pick your puck and start creating your signature style!