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Silkomb Pro-55 Wide Toothed Rattail

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The Product

Revolutionary silicone injected, Cricket's Silkomb™ Pro 55 Wide Tooth Rattail Comb, employs state-of-the-art technology and quality molding techniques to produce finely polished, seamless teeth. The wider tooth pattern is perfect for weaving or comb applied colour techniques, especially on thick, coarse, or curly hair. Slightly longer teeth, paired with the silicone smoothness. detangles and glides effortlessly through the hair.

  • Advanced molding techniques and other new technology gives the best teeth for your hair
Who is it for?
  • All Hair Types
  • All Hair Lengths
  • Perfect for weaving or comb applied colour techniques, especially on thick, coarse, or curly hair
What does it do?
  • Perfect for weaving or applying colour
  • Metal tail for weaving, sectioning or lifting teased hair
How do you use it?
  • Use the comb on the very ends of your hair first
  • Comb down and gently remove any tangles. Don’t force the comb through your hair
  • Small strokes are best. Feel free to use your fingers to loosen any knots
  • Once you have the tangles removed from the ends of your hair, you can move up a few inches and start combing down again, working out the tangles
  • Repeat until you get to your scalp and have completely tangle-free hair
The Brand

For over 40 years, Cricket has built a trusted and valued relationship with professional hairstylists and at-home beauty enthusiasts. Their products have been designed to enhance the user’s overall performance, alleviate pain points, and bring innovative tools to become part of their everyday lives. Cricket's innovation for product design and the ability to connect to the end-user has been their hallmark in the beauty industry.